How it works

The concept is simple and we really couldn't have made the process any easier, more convenient or better value.


Complete an online questionnaire

In order to create your document, all you need to do is answer a simple online questionnaire. As you answer each question, the document is automatically tailored to your individual circumstances - in real-time.

You'll find explanations or practical searchable guidance notes next to each question to explain complex legal principles in plain English.

You can save your document at any time and return to complete it later.

How it works demonstration

Submit to our legal team to review

For added peace of mind, once you have answered all the questions in the questionnaire you have the option of sending your document to our legal team for review, along with any questions you may have. Our legal team will then be in touch with you by phone or email to complete the process. We aim to complete reviews within three working days.

If you have a document with a Self Service level you can download it straight away into a Word or PDF file.


Store, manage and track your document

Your document is always stored securely online whether you have a Self Service or Legal Review service level. You can save and return at any time to continue working on your document, download your document to a Word or PDF file, or submit for legal review and track its progress.

Of course, whichever service level you are on you can opt to simply download or submit to our legal team.

If you are not completely satisfied with our service we will do our utmost to rectify the situation or provide you with a full refund – whichever you prefer.

Still not sure about something?

You can read our comprehensive FAQ's or simply contact us and we'll do all we can to assist.