General information

  • How are documents created?

    Most online legal services provide you with 'off-the-shelf' or 'flat form' legal documents that will, for the most part, be inflexible to your particular circumstance. Our system asks a series of easy-to-answer questions – each with helpful explanations and examples – that tailors the required clauses to create a document suitable to your circumstance based on your responses.

    Furthermore, each document has a set of comprehensive guidance notes that provide an overview of the document, explanation of legal terms and things you need to consider. All of our documents and letters are created by top solicitors and barristers and are constantly reviewed and updated in accordance with changes to the law, giving you peace of mind that your document is legally sound and of the highest quality.

    Finally, with all of our documents you have the ability to try the service out first – free of charge.

  • Which documents are available?

    To view a list of available documents, simply browse the related Business Law or Family Law page and select the relevant area of law.

    If you are unable to find the document you are looking for, please contact our customer services team who will be able to advise whether the document is currently available on the site.

  • Can I reuse my documents?

    Unfortunately, you are only able to use a purchased document once; however, if you purchase a pack of documents or letters you may be able to use certain documents more than once and this will be made clear in the document or pack description at the time of purchase.

  • What happens when my document is returned from the legal team?

    You will receive an email from The Law Store which includes the comments from the lawyer who reviewed your document, and advises you to log back onto the website to retrieve your document. Remember, if your document has been approved it will be in the 'Approved' folder. Otherwise, it will be in the 'In progress' folder.

  • How do I print my document?

    Once you have logged into the website, visit the 'My Documents' section of the website and open the folder containing the document. Displayed on the right hand side should be all the documents contained within the folder you have opened. Click on 'Download'. This will open the document as a PDF file which you can either save or print.

  • What is Rapidocs®?

    Rapidocs® is our intelligent document automation technology which works by asking you a series of easy-to-answer questions. Based on your answers to these questions, your document is tailored to your circumstances.

    Each question is accompanied by explanatory notes designed to provide you with the information needed to answer the question correctly. Further guidance and legal information are available in the accompanying, comprehensive user notes.

  • I don't understand what a question means or is referring to

    Next to each question is a small '?' (question mark) icon that you can click on. A small pop-up window appears containing an explanation of the question and often providing an example. You can hide this explanation by again clicking once on the icon.

  • What is the difference between 'Self service' and 'Legal review'?

    See the table below which provides an overview of each service level. If you are still unsure please don't hesitate to contact our customer services team.

    Services feature comparison Self Service Solicitor Serviced
    Draft your documents by answering a series of easy to answer questions
    Helpful explanation and guidance notes
    Store, manage, track and print your document online
    Send your document to our legal team for legal review and approval
    Notification that your document is ready for printing and signing
  • How long before my document is returned from Legal Review?

    Our legal team aim to review and respond to all questions within three working days of receipt; however, occasionally it may take a day or two longer depending on circumstances. If you haven't had any correspondence from us within three working days feel free to Contact us and we will provide you with a full update on progress.

  • I have a red mark next to a questions group after completing my document

    If you have a red mark next to a questions group, this shows that you have missed a question.

    It could be possible that this was intentional. However, you should double-click on the question group to view the incomplete question and make sure that this omission was intentional.